1. alecshao:

    Objects from Hiroshima: melted sake bottles, scorched Buddha, pocketwatch

    (Source: likeafieldmouse, via recarbonised)

  3. iheartmyart:

    S. Teddy. D., Fistfull Arm Blade, 2011, 140 x 420 x 40

    Exhibition Mensonge & Destruction, 23 September – 29 October 2011 at Galerie Wallworks

  4. Yutaka Sone’s sculpture is a replication of NYC’s Manhattan. The architect/artist carved Manhattan out of marble. Using references of the city from photographs, Google Earth, and numerous aerial helicopter trips. You can take a look at ‘Little Manhattan’ at David Zwirner Gallery in NYC, which premiered on September 20th, 2011.

    (via fusilado)

  5. oldbookillustrations:

    Horses from the Parthenon frieze.

    From The magazine of art vol. 6, London, Paris, New York, 1883.

    (Source: archive.org)

  6. billyjane:

    Arthur TressBroken Statuette 

    Cold Spring, New York, 1982

    From Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage, Photographs 1956-2000

    courtesy of liquidnight